#223: Video museletter

MuseLetter #223 / December 2010 by Richard Heinberg

In this month’s newsletter I am talking to you by video. I am currently very hard at work on my new book (working title ‘The End of Growth’. In the video I share with you more about progress on the book and the thinking behind it.

I was involved in two other important releases in the past month. If you missed the animated video ‘300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds’ which I wrote and narrated, you can see it here.

I also co-published, with Post Carbon Fellow David Fridley, an article on peak coal in the highly respected scientific journal ‘Nature’. The article is behind a paywall here, but you can listen to podcasts about the piece here.

Thanks for your support in 2010, and best wishes for the holidays.
Richard Heinberg

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  • Thomas Deerfield

    Richard Heinberg’s analysis and observations, delivered freely for years now, has risen above the doom & gloom prognostication herd by being lucid and eloquent.
    I follow many analysts, read widely, and end up forwarding the Museletter more than anything else I read.
    Anyone who wants to get a clear and concise view of the current trajectory of the three E’s (Energy, Ecology & Economy) will be wise to buy the books of Richard Heinberg and Lester Brown (Worldwatch).

  • Betsy Robertson

    I will be waiting at the (virtual) door to buy it when your book comes out. I served as a councilmember in our city of 50,000, but lost re-election because I questioned the “all-growth-all-the-time” elements in town. We suffer from a lack of vision of what a steady state society could look like and all the benefits to be reaped by concentrating on quality instead of quantity.

  • Dawn Owens

    Greetings Richard! I like the new format, video rather than a written letter. I wanted to thank you for all you’ve done over the years; yours were the first books I read about peak oil and you’ve remained a sane, gentle and reasoned voice among all the others. I’ve recommended your books dozens of times to friends.

    You asked for suggestions of like-minded groups; please investigate the Zeitgeist Movement if you have not yet; their strategy is to move to a resource-based economy (ultimately eliminating money) and it’s, to my mind at least, a work of genius. The movement is the activist arm of the Venus Project, (based in Venus, Florida) the life’s work of a brilliant now 90-something year old futurist and designer. I know you’re busy now, but I encourage you to look into it; their proposals are stunningly revolutionary and may just be part of the piece of the puzzle we need to put together to solve this mess we find ourselves in.

    Looking forward to the new book,

  • http://www.gardengoddessenterprises.com Chuck Waibel

    Please have a look at our website. We see our efforts at creating a passive solar growing space for severe winter conditions to be a step in the right direction. We’re working with others on the whole range of Local Foods in preparation for the Post Carbon Future.

  • http://www.postcarbontotonto.org Jeff Berg

    Good day Richard.

    First off you should of course not miss my latest:-)
    ‘The Horns of Our Dilemma’.

    Economists you may not have run into.

    Steve Keen: Australian Economist.

    David Felix

    Robin Hahnel

    The Centre for Economic Policy and Research
    Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot

    Dr. Michael Hudson

    Mike Whitney

    Nouriel Roubini

    Chomsky gives an extraordinary lecture on economic history:
    ‘Power tempered by self-deception':

    Hyman Minsky

    Gabriel Kolko – radical historian
    Outlines crisis June 2006.

    Critiques of technology
    David F. Noble – York University

    Seymour Melman – Columbia University (deceased)

    Finally as relocalization demands protectionism Paul Bairoch is essential reading. Though this may have to be left for a later time.

  • Peter

    Dear Mr Heinberg,

    I want to offer my profoundest gratitude for your work. It has changed my life and I hope that I will survive the coming transitions because of your work.

    At the very least, I won’t be blundering around without a clue as to what is occurring!



  • Magnus Wolfe Murray

    In terms of suggestions, I would urge you to look at international development institutions that promote / support economic growth into developing and middle income countries. These include, but aren’t limited to, World Bank and IMF.

    But I think it’s also worth looking at the other United Nations agencies, such as WFP (world food programme) which ships hundreds of millions of tonnes of fossil-fuel food around the globe to keep people alive. I am certain they are unaware of their vulnerability to peak oil, etc. Also, FAO (food and agric. organisation) and so on.

    I presume you won’t have time / space for an analysis of how these institutions attempt to sustain and build the global economic status quo in developing countries. But it is definately worthy of study.
    Thanks, Magnus
    (currently in Pakistan with the enormous post-flood relief to recovery efforts).

  • http://paulgilding.com Paul Gilding


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Richard. I think you’re on to the most important issue of our time – getting ready for what is now inevitable, so we manage it well. As you say so eloquently, if we get this wrong, its catastrophic but if we get it right, there is considerable opportunity for a much better civilisation. Good luck with the writing.


  • Robert Suchanek

    Thank you for taking the time to keep us posted! I’m sharing your insights with my kids; I’m sure they get will get it (much smarter than the “old man”).

  • Robert Suchanek

    Thank you for taking the time to keep us posted! I’m sharing your insights with my kids; I’m sure they will get it (much smarter than the “old man”).

  • Freea Sarti

    Looking forward to the new book Richard and hope to see you live to get it signed. You are the entire reason I chose to study at New College and I feel so honored to have had you as an instructor.

    You have been one of the biggest and most amazing influences in my life.

    Thank you for this great video and all ongoing valuable information you provide. Thanks mostly for putting yourself “out there” in the BIG way that you do, so you can reach the large audiences and people you are intended to reach, serve and touch with your message. You’re the BEST!