Dear Reader,

This publication has provided a steady monthly pulse of thought, exploration, and opinion for 27 years. During that time, I’ve let very few months go by without a new post.

Now, I must beg your patience while I work on another book project. While with past books I was able to publish chapters serially as MuseLetter essays, this time there is the possibility of publication through a large, mainstream house that will likely object to such serial publication (though, if I’m able to negotiate a contract that allows it, I will). Meanwhile, I’m working full-time on this new project, about which I can say only that it is a summation and extension of all I have written to date, and a deep exploration of the human condition.

I greatly appreciate your interest and support, and hope that in the meantime you will avail yourself of the daily postings of articles by other writers, on related subjects, at Resilience.org.

Hopefully a short essay will emerge from time to time while the book progresses!

Best wishes,

April 2019