Excellent book and boy it sure is timely! I’ve read every Richard heinberg book and this is as thoughtfully written as the rest of them…Read more
Randall Wallace, Good Reads
For those who thought the ‘fracking’ issue was just about water pollution and earthquakes, Richard Heinberg’s Snake Oil might be a little perplexing…But it’s for that very same reason that those who are unaware of these larger dimensions to the shale gas issue will get the greatest benefit from reading the book…Read more
Paul Mobbs, The Ecologist
Richard Heinberg is surprisingly chipper for a man who, if projections by the U.S. government and global-energy analysts are to be believed, might just have seen the basis for his career virtually debunked…Read more
Leilani Clark, The Bohemian
Heinberg takes pains to point out the industry’s successes and its ingenuity in figuring out how to get oil and natural gas out of previously inaccessible deposits. But, the problems are fourfold. First, it’s very expensive to do this. The industry’s promise of cheap oil and natural gas for decades to come is an impossibility based on its own cost numbers…Read more
Kurt Cobb, Oilprice.com
The book is clearly a contribution to the literature of peak oil for it updates recent developments and does an effective job in separating reality from the hype of the financial media…Read more
Tom Whipple, Falls Church News-Press
Richard Heinberg and the Post Carbon Institute are on a mission to debunk the benefits of the hydraulic fracturing method of gas and oil extraction, or fracking, which many contend outweigh its disadvantages…Read more
Bill DiBenedetto – Triple Pundit
With Fracking constantly in the media, this book is a great way to understand the fracking industry without prejudice. Filled with shocking facts, figures and examples, it is a must read if you want to know the truth…Read more
Rozie Apps – Permaculture Magazine

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