Oil Depletion Protocol

The Oil Depletion Protocol: A Plan to Avert Oil Wars, Terrorism, and Economic Collapse


The Oil Depletion Protocol, coherently describes the Protocol and why such an agreement is necessary. Written for policy makers and the general public, the book is an informative and easy-to-understand must-read. Specifically, the book:

  • provides an overview of the data concerning Peak Oil and its timing
  • briefly explains the Protocol and its implications for the reader and for decision makers in government and industry around the world
  • deals with frequently asked questions and objections, and
  • explains how the Protocol can be adopted and how municipalities and ordinary citizens can facilitate the process.

Timely and critically important, The Oil Depletion Protocol is a must-read for all who seek to avert a Peak Oil collapse.

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“At last – a reality check. This is another cutting-edge work from Richard Heinberg.”

–Lester R. Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute

“The Oil Depletion Protocol describes a graceful path to a world of sustainable prosperity that begins in a dialogue about rational responses to the inevitable decline of petroleum.”

–David Orr, Paul Sears Professor of Environmental Studies at Oberlin College and author of Design on the Edge

“I highly recommend an equally thoughtful reading of this book.”

–Herman E. Daly, Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

“The Oil Depletion Protocol is required reading for political leaders, policy planners and anyone who is hoping for a smooth landing in a world soon to be short on liquid fuels and even shorter on options.”

–Andrew McNamara, MP, Parliament of Queensland, Australia

“Richard Heinberg’s third book about global peak oil, The Oil Depletion Protocol, should be #1 on the reading list of America’s leaders as well as the leaders in every oil-consuming and oil-producing nation.”

–Roscoe G. Bartlett, Member of US Congress

“The proposal to cut oil imports to match depletion rate seems to be simple common sense. I’m happy to support the Protocol outlined in this book.”

–The Right Honourable Michael Meacher, Member of Parliament, UK

“The Oil Depletion Protocol is very timely – and very cogent.”

–The Rt. Hon. Edward Schreyer, former Premier of Manitoba, Governor General of Canada, and High Commissioner to Australia and the South Western Pacific

“This book should be read by everyone who believes in the potential for human cooperation and ingenuity to overcome the darkest perils we face.”

–Michael Klare, Professor of Peace & World Security Studies, Hampshire College; author of Blood and Oil: The Dangers and Consequences of America’s Growing Dependency on Imported Petroleum