Praise for The End of Growth

The End of Growth coverThe End of Growth is the latest book from Richard Heinberg, author of Peak Everything and The Party’s Over. Here are 10 reasons to read it.

“Dig into this book! It is crammed full of ideas, information, and perspective on where our troubled world is headed—a Baedeker for the perplexed, and that’s most of us.”

–James Gustave Speth, Author, The Bridge at the Edge of the World

“Heinberg draws in the big three drivers of inevitable crisis—resource constraints, environmental impacts, and financial system overload—and explains why they are not individual challenges but one integrated systemic problem. By time you finish this book, you will have come to two conclusions. First, we are not facing a recession—this is the end of economic growth. Second, this is not our children’s problem—it is ours. It’s time to get ready, and reading this book is the place to start.”

Paul Gilding, Author, The Great Disruption, Former head of Greenpeace International

“Richard has rung the bell on the limits to growth. This is real. The consequences for economics, finance, and our way of life in the decades ahead will be greater than the consequences of the industrial revolution were for our recent ancestors. Our coming shift from quantity of consumption to quality of life is the great challenge of our generation—frightening at times, but ultimately freeing.”

–John Fullerton, President and Founder, Capital Institute. Former Managing Director, JP Morgan

“Why have mainstream economists ignored environmental limits for so long? If Heinberg is right, they have a lot of explaining to do. The end of conventional economic growth would be a shattering turn of events—but the book makes a persuasive case that this is indeed what we are seeing.”

–Lester Brown, Author, World on the Edge, Founder, Earth Policy Institute

“Heinberg shows how peak oil, peak water, peak food, etc. lead not only to the end of growth, and also to the beginning of a new era of progress without growth.”

–Herman E. Daly, Professor Emeritus, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

“Heinberg has masterfully summarized and updated the case against economics and its fraudulent scorecard—GDP. He explains why conventional economic growth is ending now, and why growth of human populations and of material consumption will follow suit. Yet we all can still grow in wisdom and continue expanding the knowledge of our universe, while growing greener technologies capturing the sun’s daily free photon flow as we transition to the Solar Age.”

–Hazel Henderson, Author, The Politics of the Solar Age, President, Ethical Markets Media

“Read this book and have the light switched on.”

–Caroline Lucas, Member of Parliament (UK)

“Richard Heinberg is not one to shy away from difficult topics and The End of Growth is no exception. Heinberg explains today’s environmental and economic realities—which are scary to face. But believe me, not facing them is a whole lot scarier. And as Heinberg explains, the sooner we have this critically needed conversation about how to live in a healthy, fair, and meaningful way on this one planet we have, the better it will be for all of us.”

–Annie Leonard, Author, The Story of Stuff

“A vitally important book—it helps clear away many of the mistaken assumptions that clutter our heads when we think about ‘obvious’ and ‘natural’ facts of our economic life. You really need to read it if you want to understand the next few crucial years.”

–Bill McKibben, Author of Deep Economy and Eaarth

The End of Growth offers a comprehensive, timely and persuasive analysis of the reality of ecological limits as they relate to economic growth. Filled with facts and figures and very readable, the book makes a rational case while paying attention to nuance and counterarguments. A must-read for anyone who depends upon economic growth, which means all of us.”

–Leslie E. Christian, President and CEO, Portfolio 21 Investments